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Nour Massah Industrial Company
One Stop Industry for Complete Sign Systems

We approach every project with an open mind and a customized strategy since we are aware that it necessitates meticulous issue-solving and innovative thinking. Our core mission is to provide detailed Wayfinding study & manufacture signage that meet the highest quality standards at competitive market price.


Nour Massah Company for Industry is an independent identity design and production group, established in 1989. Over the years, we have established broad production capabilities of approximately 15,000 m2 in order to complete large-scale projects and satisfy the requirements of our clients

We make our expertise in the strategic design and implementation of Wayfinding signage, branding. And imaging projects available to clients. Our staff members are experienced in relevant design fields, such as specialty retail fit-out, and point of purchase.

Innovative ideas

Throughout the years, our primary mission is to provide the highest quality of wayfinding study and signage manufacturing at the best prices. We excel at developing customized solutions that are feasible, original, and well-suited to our customers’ needs.

Future Goals

Our primary goal is to develop practical solutions by striking a balance between global goals and local capabilities, giving priority to important details, and making sure functional demands are satisfied. In addition, manage and control costs by establishing cost-effective procurement, defining requirements that correspond to the life cycle, and continuing “hands-on” involvement.


Modern sign design and manufacturing technologies are available in the Signage Production Factory Heavy Steel and Ceramic Production Factory. The most significant level of productivity, quality, and worker safety are guaranteed by the design and construction of our head office, which also features a flexible workflow that can handle any project. We use contemporary sign-makingtechnology to provide better service and higher quality goods. All of these factors work together to produce the results that our clients demand.


Safety begins with teamwork

Nour Massah’s safety policy statement is intended to demonstrate our dedication to the safety of our employees, set forth precise safety goals, and create a plan for accomplishing them. Our policy is to offer a secure and healthy environment where our staff, visitors,
and clients can conduct business. We are committed to doing our business in a way that protects everyone’s health and safety because we firmly believe in it.

Our Goals

Eliminate or reduce risks to the health and safety of all employees by following international safety standards.


We provide all necessary information, guidance, and oversight required to ensure that all employees are protected from harm. We enforce the use of appropriate personal protection equipment, offer quality instructions, and take disciplinary measures when safety is violated to ensure a safe workplace for all employees.

Quality Policy Statement

Quality begins
with us!

The quality management system for Nour Massah includes a quality policy statement. It affirms the caliber of our business and specifies the procedures to make sure that everybody adheres to the established criteria

Quality Control

Quality control is a method used in manufacturing to guarantee that customers receive products that are free from defects and flaws. Through that, we strive to increase customer loyalty, gain repeated business, attract new customers from referrals, improve our reputation in the market, improve safety, reduce liability risks, and contribute to the overall positive branding of your project.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance techniques are used in manufacturing to manage and enhance a variety of processes, such as: acquiring specified rawmaterials, purchasing third-party components and sub-assemblies, designing and using inspection procedures, complying with production
processes, and responding to defects as they appear


We have ISO Certificates for quality, environmental, and safety management systems. We look forward to developing our performance in order to meet other international standards and increase our clients’ trust and credibility

Our Awards MEA 2022

Royal Commission for Riyadh City with FAST Consortium and Nour Massa Company for Industry


We have an in-depth grasp of many elements necessary to manage the deployment across the signage industry. We excel at deciphering and managing customer expectations, city laws and mandates, and site conditions and requirements.


Our factories are fully prepared with a variety of machines and equipment that are crucial to complete projects perfectly


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